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Content marketing is a long-term branding strategy that positions your company as the subject matter expert.

With content marketing, you are not trying to advertise and sell your products directly, but rather you are providing value to your target customers by giving them helpful information regarding a particular topic. Therein, you cultivate a relationship that is founded on trust and the perception of your brand as an expert.

Blogs articles. Listicles. Social media posts. Explanatory videos. Newsletters. Infographics. Free guides and e-books.

These are just some examples of the types of content that you can share with your potential customers.


  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Content Management And Production

  • Branding And Marketing Consultancy

My strength lies in translating complex concepts (e.g. cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or marketing 101) into simple and digestible messages for the layman. My presentations are further enhanced with supplementary graphics that I develop on Sketch or Photoshop.

These were also what sparked me onto my writing journey, which involved publishing a book on Amazon to share about cryptocurrency investing. I also run a FREE MONTHLY CRYPTO NEWSLETTER, where I share investing and trading insights.

For more examples, check out my previous works. You can also contact me for any enquiries.


my PAST works

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Rolling In Crypto

Self-published book on Amazon.

Self-published book on Amazon.

Cryptocurrency Educational Guide

A collaboration with Capital Gains Studio. Sample of guide.


P.S. Crypto Payment Accepted.



Awesome content you got there! A lot of the key terms are pretty well explained for beginners. I could understand the stuff without much difficulty.
— PIN, Review of Rolling In Crypto
Very systematic and clean perspective on cryptocurrency and its current and future potential.
— Alan Lin, Crypto Newbie