White is your canvas.

The primary shades of blue, yellow, and red juxtapose to make a provocative stance – not to trigger a reaction but to elicit a discourse, within yourself and with others.


Herzig Ansel

… was conceived in the spring of 2018.

It started with writing crypto articles on Medium, and later led to a crypto investing book, Rolling In Crypto, which is available on Amazon. In my attempts to market the book, I have also started a free bimonthly crypto newsletter that features the latest crypto news and technical analyses on the crypto markets.

Today, I continue to learn and invest in cryptocurrencies, and have since embraced my passion for creating content.

Hence, if you are looking for a content creator, why not drop me a mail for a free Brand and Website audit. If your startup/non-profit company is unable to fork out a single cent, share your story with me, and I might develop a content strategy for your company to execute on your own, if your brand value aligns with mine (:

Success should not be measured by what you have achieved, but by what becomes of you.
— Hansel, 2018.
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