White is your canvas.

The primary shades of blue, yellow, and red juxtapose to make a provocative stance – not to trigger a reaction but to elicit a discourse, within yourself and with others.


Herzig Ansel was conceived in the spring of 2018.

Having gone down the crypto rabbit hole, writing was my safe haven. I started writing on Medium to document and share what I have learnt about cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers. Then, the little pockets of ideas came together and somehow led to my self-published book, Rolling In Crypto, which talks about blockchain technology and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Today, I continue to blog about these topics, and offer content writing services for crypto and blockchain related companies.

A typical day starts with reading of news and opinion articles, followed by a period of focused writing and content planning. After which, I will take a break by doing anything, or nothing, before turning back to work on some content or trade cryptocurrencies if the market conditions are favourable.

Sometimes, the order of these processes will get scrambled up. I might start my day doing trades. But it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, what comes out of these is a wiser, and better you.
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Rolling In Crypto: Prospering In The Uprise Of The Decentralised Economy

What is blockchain technology? How can we invest in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? Is this really the future of money?

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