What It Means To Be "Rolling In Crypto"

If you haven’t already guessed, this post draws reference to the title of my book. There is actually a back story to how I arrived at this title.

The Original Concept – Representation

A title has to represent the content, and early on when I started planning the content of the book, I wanted to communicate the following:

  1. Some basics about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  2. Why cryptocurrency is an investment/asset, and how to invest in it

  3. Some caveats regarding cryptocurrencies and the crypto market

With these in mind, I started brainstorming on keywords, and terms like “growing your money”, “the decentralised economy”, “distributed and decentralised”, “the tokenised future” started to fill my keyword page. I eventually settled on the title, Prospering In The Uprise Of The Decentralised Economy because it was about growing your money, and the crypto economy is still some time away.

Although the title was representative of the content, it lacked the punch, the catchiness, not to mention it was a mouthful.

Photo by  Matt Bowden  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash

Embracing The Bull And The Bear

The term “Rolling In Crypto” came about from the idea that cryptocurrencies itself can be a form of money. Now, I am not trying to argue whether cryptocurrencies will replace money or not (I actually wrote about that before), but rather acknowledging ONE view of cryptocurrencies functioning as a form of money despite all its current limitations.

Therein, when the breadwinner “brings home the money”, or when the business starts “rolling in the money”, or when the gambler starts “rolling in his winnings”, Crypto(currencies) become a form of money. This assumes that there is a healthy, upwards-climbing market in order for cryptocurrencies to bring in the money.

On another hand, there is also the literal meaning of rolling around in this complex space and trying to figure things out. This describes a newcomer’s first foray into cryptocurrencies, where he has to grapple with understanding the technology, figure out how to buy and set up his private wallets, and also deal with the fluctuations of the market.

Invest In Learning

In my recent articles (like 3 Simple Rules To Crypto Investing and this one about the crypto-bubble), I find that I have a common theme that advocates for the reader to be patient during the bear market and to spend time and effort learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

That summarises my goal in writing crypto-related articles and the book – to share this knowledge so that more people can learn about cryptocurrencies.

For me, the greatest takeaway from coming up with this title (and also the book) was that there were a lot of question marks and incompleteness leading up to the actual launch. I had no idea what the title will be, or how the book will look, but things just fell into place. Likewise, I am continually writing and learning more about cryptocurrencies not knowing what will be the end result.

Put in the work, and let the results surprise you. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so just keep grinding.