Content Structure

When I first started writing about crypto and blockchain on Medium, I did not have any particular structure in mind. It was random. It was the sheer determination of drafting ideas and publishing at least one post a week, on any topic.

A more hierarchical approach has been adopted for Herzig Ansel – for SEO purpose, and to build a routine. There will be 6 major content categories for this blog.

1. My Book
This includes excerpts from my book as well as regular progress updates. I will also share about the process of writing the book as I did in my previous post, How To Write A Book Like You Would Develop A Product

2. Crypto 101
This section will be dedicated to explaining the simplest of concepts for the layperson to understand. Most of my readers are relative literate in crypto, so this will probably not be the key topic.

3. Interviews
An upcoming segment that will feature interviews with people from the crypto industry. Look out for their take on the technology and the market, and a diverse range of perspectives.

4. Crypto Picks
Every month, I will elaborate on one particular cryptocurrency that I have researched on or am enthusiastic about. This month, it is IOTA(MIOTA). What will it be next month? Subscribers in my are notified earlier, so if you would like first dips, subscribe!

5. Market Insight
Most of my Medium articles fall into this category (and the next), so you can expect articles that talks about market manipulation, investing in crypto VS in stocks, or My Secret Strategy To Maximise Altcoin Returns. This section will be focus on investing or trading topics.

6. Opinions
Lastly, there will be opinion pieces that offer a critical perspective in looking at recent issues surrounding the crypto space. For example, Cryptocurrencies Will Not Displace Money talks about the coexistence of crypto and fiat currencies. I also try to pause and reflect back on the crypto space every now and then. 

How Can You Help?

Drop me a mail ( if you would like to contribute a guest post or if you have a story to share. I am looking for collaboration opportunities to build content in the crypto space. 

Or, subscribe for my monthly newsletter where I share my outlook of the crypto market at the start of every month.