Illustrating The Book Cover

There are two aspects of the book that have been a nagging thought since the start of the project but it was not something that I wanted to pay too much attention to until I near the end. I felt that inspiration might come along the way or things might change along the way.

The Book Title And The Book Cover

V1: Thriving In The Distributed Economy: How To Profit With Cryptocurrency Investments
I wanted to capture the concept of making money or growing your wealth with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it has to shed light on the concept of a distributed economy. It was also the start of a bear market so the idea of a bull, fighting it out with a bear was pretty salient.


Cover V1.png

It probably took me 15 minutes to get the mockup, and I had no idea what colours were going in there.

V2: Crypto Wonderland: Prospering In The Decentralised Economy
Along the way, I figured that decentralisation was a bigger deal than distribution. Distribution already exists in cloud computing today. Furthermore, it was not so much about thriving-and-surviving but more of getting-rich-and-growing-your-money, and hence 'prospering' was used instead. I also toyed with the idea of playing around with the title and subtitle, switching them around and finding alternative phrases.

Photo by Ludde Lorentz, from Unsplash.

Photo by Ludde Lorentz, from Unsplash.

I experimented with the idea of a photo cover, which turned out to be unsuitable. The concept of Wonderland and Rabbit Holes also came to mind, so the spiralling staircase was meant to connote that idea of a hole. Nonetheless, I knew from then that photo covers were not an option, and I still liked the idea of a rabbit hole.

V3: Rolling In Crypto: Prospering In The Uprise Of The Decentralised Economy
The goal was to have a title that was catchy, and there were two meanings to this title. The first being "Rolling In The Money" of how cryptocurrencies are the future money, and the second being "Rolling In The Deep" of how investors are often trapped in this cycle and most of them end up screaming HODL. 

Rabbit Square.png
Rabbit Square 2.png

I started illustrating my own rabbit, and it worked decently well to great surprise. The brand colours of Herzig Ansel are stark and vibrant, which makes them suitable for a flat design. 

In between the 3 versions, I went through a lot of iterations in sketching out ideas and just throwing out keywords. I have also employed the help of Proper People to finish out the final version, so stay tuned to it!