Book Preview – Table of Content

Earlier this week, I submitted my latest draft to my editor. As I await the critique, it looks like there will be a lot for me to work on in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, I am more or less settled on this content outline, so I will give a sneak into it.

Section 1 – Down The Rabbit Hole
Chapter 1: Introduction To Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, and Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 2: Buying Your First Cryptocurrency

Section 2 – Investing and Trading Crypto
Chapter 3: Risk Management Strategies
Chapter 4: Qualitative Look At Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 5: Investing And Trading Tips
Chapter 6: Trading Advice Specific To The Crypto Market

Section 3 – Through The Looking Glass
Chapter 7: Potential Downsides of Crypto Investments
Chapter 8: Overview And Summary

Honestly, there are a lot more content that I would like to add as I am constantly learning more and getting a better grasp of cryptocurrencies, but it has to stop somewhere. Maybe I will update the book with newer versions or have a second book on technical trading some time later. For now, I really hope to get this book launched on time. Stay tuned!