Crypto Writing

We think, we write, we breathe.

Blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), cryptocurrencies.

Services Offered

1. Ghostwriting For Executives
2. Crypto Articles For Your Brand e.g. educational materials, infographics, books, community articles
3. Sponsored Posts
4. Guest posts, and interviews


Past Projects

Cryptocurrency Board Game

Crypto Education Guide

Capital Gains Studio created a cryptocurrency board game that will be launched on Kickstarter.

With a common goal of educating the masses about cryptocurrencies, we collaborated to produce an educational article that breaks down complex crypto concepts (e.g. blockchain, mining, consensus) into simple, relatable terms.


About Herzig Ansel

Writing is just a means of expression. A huge part of our job involves reading and researching qualitative factors, and monitoring the trends on crypto price charts so that subscribers are updated on the latest happenings.

Author of crypto-investing book (To be launched Sep 2018)
Writer on Hacker Noon (>300k Subscribers) and The Startup (>300k Subscribers) Publications
Monthly Mailing List To Crypto-Literate And Invested Audience

Contact us at herzig.ansel@gmail.com.


Crypto Education

Herzig Ansel was started to document and share about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  

We believe that education is necessary for there to be eventual adoption.
Drop me a mail at herzig.ansel@gmail.com if you have opportunities for me to share.


Mega Learning Day by Praxium

Praxium is an educational startup who organises fortnightly Learning Days. The idea is to gather a group of (up to) 10 people to share about anything under the sun. With each participant giving  a mini lesson, you will get to learn 9 other unique topics just by sharing one. 

I started on the topic of cryptograms, which then led into the topics of cryptography and blockchain technology, and ended off with a Q&A.