I’m a freelance


specialising in long-form content, AND seo,

for startup companies and small businesses.



1. Build your online business presence

Anyone can create a website, a blog, or an online page. How do you get more people to notice your website and to pay attention to your products and services? That is where a combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and Social Media tactics come into play.

2. Attract customers and engage with them online

Besides increasing the visibility of your brand, online channels allow you to talk to your potential and current customers, to build and develop rapport with them so that they can be your brand ambassadors.

By providing the online audience with relevant and helpful content, and engaging them on Social Media and EDMs (electronic direct mailers), you can position yourself as the trustable industry expert and turn your audience into loyal customers.

How Am I Different?

By applying the lean startup methodology to my practices, I strive to keep your cost to a minimum, and only doubling down on the most effective tactics.

Iterative Process
Instead of committing to a one-year plan where you only know the effectiveness of your marketing dollars at the end, my strategic plans involve marketing “sprints”. This means frequent evaluations at short-term milestones, adapting to the performance of various marketing tactics, and putting your money on the most effective ones.

Learn About Your Customers
For startups and small companies. this means finding out more about your customers – who are they, where are they from, what are their needs, how do they use your product etc.

The key takeaway is to gain a better understanding of your customers, how to increase your CLTV (customer life-time value) and decrease your CAC (customer acquisition cost), so that you can maximise your business revenue.


  • Brand, Website & SEO Audit

  • Keyword Research & SWOT Analysis

  • Digital And Content Marketing Strategy

  • Content Production & Management

  • Branding And Business Consultancy

Examples of the digital content I create are:
Blogs articles, Listicles, Social Media posts, Newsletters, Infographics, Guidebooks, e-Books, Explanatory Guides, Slides.

Depending on your business needs and budget, I will recommend the most suitable set of content marketing channels, which will be implemented across milestones. Check out my previous works or feel free to drop me an email at herzig.ansel@gmail.com for enquiries or for a FREE Brand and Website audit.

P.S. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, I run a free monthly crypto newsletter where I share the latest crypto news, as well as investing and trading insights.


Oh, i accept payment

in cryptocurrencies too.



Awesome content you got there! A lot of the key terms are pretty well explained for beginners. I could understand the stuff without much difficulty.
— PIN, Review of Rolling In Crypto
Very systematic and clean perspective on cryptocurrency and its current and future potential.
— Alan Lin, Crypto Newbie