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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are so intriguing and ever changing. Yet, they can be rather complicated topics that many online sources are not explaining it right.

The result? Miscommunication.

The layman fails to understand what blockchain is about, how a token is supposed to work, and why cryptocurrencies can be valuable.


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I have the ability to translate complex ideas on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers into clear, comprehensible messages.

That was what sparked me to write my own book to share about cryptocurrencies and crypto investing. I also run a FREE MONTHLY CRYPTO NEWSLETTER, where I share investing and trading insights.

Check out my works, and if you are looking for collaboration opportunities, contact me.


my works

You can find my work in the blog section, my Medium channel, or my self-published e-book!

 Self-published book on Amazon.

Self-published book on Amazon.

CryptoCURRENCY Educational Guide

A collaboration with Capital Gains Studio. Sample of guide.


Welcome to the decentralised future.



Awesome content you got there! A lot of the key terms are pretty well explained for beginners. I could understand the stuff without much difficulty.
— PIN, Review of Rolling In Crypto
Very systematic and clean perspective on cryptocurrency and its current and future potential. I’m very impressed with how you’re always hungry to learn more and building upon your existing knowledge.
— Alan Lin, Crypto Newbie