What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a way for companies to position their brand, to provide informational and educational articles, to engage their ideal target audience, while directing traffic to their website and positioning themselves as the industry expert.

Done effectively, content marketing can help generate new leads, increase customer loyalty, improve SEO (search engine optimisation), and even expand your service or product offering. Learn more about content marketing in my step-by-step guide as shared on Medium.



Content Writing, Publishing

e-Book & Print

Starting with a theme on crypto investing, I expanded one of my popular articles on Medium into a book. The graphics were designed on Sketch, the e-book formatted on Kindle Create, while the print book was formatted on Pages. The book is available on Amazon.

If you already have a library of valuable and sharable content e.g. articles, recipes, pictures, putting it together into an e-book can be an inexpensive content marketing method.



Content Writing

crypto educational guide

Informational Article

In collaboration with Capital Gains Studio.

An informative guide was created to supplement the Cryptocurrency board game, so as to educate users on key cryptocurrency concepts.

The theme of the content was initiated by CGS, and the writing and formatting was completed on InDesign and handed back to CGS for publishing.

Preview of the educational guide.


Branding, Identity, Website Design

brand guide

Brand Design

To design and position a home baker’s product, and help kickstart the business by building an online presence.

Proper understanding of the business needs helped to establish a simple, clean, and storytelling style for the brand design. The colours and style were subsequently implemented into various deliverables, including:
Logo, website, name card, invoice and packaging.

Keyword research and SEO were also embarked upon for the website, which was designed with a simple and clear architecture to drive orders via the website. Check out the full design documentation here.


For work enquiries and collaboration opportunities, contact me at herzig.ansel@gmail.com.